A Chanukah Mitzvah

Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah (one mitzvah leads to another).

A week ago, our youth went to the Rose Schnitzer Manor to participate in a multigenerational Chanukah project with the seniors. In addition, we went Chanukah singing in every place where residents gathered. At one point, a nurse approached me and asked if we would not mind going to a private room where a resident lay on the bed. He had a heart failure and not in a good condition to join people in the dinning room.  So we went, not thinking twice of it.  The impact was and still is, pounding in my heart. We came simply to sing some happy Chanukah songs and we left with so much more. The man was a holocaust survivor and he pointed to the number on his arm to show the kids he was at Auschwitz concentration camp.  Then, without blinking an eye I immediately shared with our young kids the “similarities” between the two periods of our Jewish history.

A parent taped a good part of it. I invite you to have a glimpse into our morning.  As emotional as it was for us, I feel fortunate and honored that I was there.  Here is a quote from a parent whose child participated: Lauren was touched by meeting him and her new friend Bobbi. What a blessing you are, Dorice, to teach our kids these values. I’m grateful for you!!!

As we end the year 2017, I would like to wish us all a fabulous entry to the year 2018.  May it be a year full of Chai moments as the number 18 indicates, and may your moment of Chai double, as the number 2 indicate! 2018 here we come!