Chanan Chevre

10:30 am

Every Second Saturday from

November 11, 2017


May 16, 2018

Junior Congregation is BACK!  Join Chanan at 10:30 am-12:00 pm for Kiddush, stories and Higher and higher Torah service.  Meet at Sanctuary!! Right by the Torah, could not get higher than that!! Appropriate for elementary school age youth.

  • Upcoming Events

    Morning MinyanTime: 7:25 am
    Talmud ClassTime: 7:30 pm
  • Religious Services

    9:15 am Saturdays
    8:30 am Sundays
    7:25 am Mondays & Thursdays*

    *7:15 am if Minyan falls on Rosh Chodesh
    *8:30 am if on a National Holiday

  • Need a Minyan?

    If so, please contact the synagogue office at 503.226.6131. With a few days notice, Rabbi Rose will find congregants to participate.