Persian Purim Themed Kabbalat Shabbat & Dinner

6:30 pm

March 10, 2017

Get ready for a beautifully Persian Shabbat service & dinner!

Friday, March 10th, 6:30 PM

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Members: $12.00 adults, $8 child (6-21), under 6 years old comes free.

Non-members: $15.00 adults , $10 child (6-21), under 6 years old comes free!

Join us for a very special and delicious Kabbalat Shabbat for Purim. We’ve lots to celebrate and lots to discover on this special night of magic! Following services is an outstanding Persian and mediterranean meal with Moroccan Chicken, vegetarian persian tahdig, rice pilaf with raisins and lemon, and baklava!


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