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Based on successful 2 years, Ivrit B’Ivrit is expanding and opening its second class! Ivrit B’ivrit at Congregation Shaarie Torah is a secular program for kids ages 5-10 (Kindergarten – Fourth grade). Children will be immersed in the Israeli culture, Jewish holidays and the Hebrew language through reading, writing, storytelling, games and songs. The program is appropriate for Hebrew speaking children. The program will take place on Wednesday nights September – June, and will consist of three semesters.


Dates & Times:

The program will consist of 3 semesters:

Semester One: September 6th – December 13th

Semester Two: January 3rd – March 21st

Semester Three: April 4th  – May 30th

*All classes will be held on Wednesdays between 4:45-6:15pm


Vacation Dates:

No classes will be held on Jewish holidays and/or Portland school district vacation days. A list of dates will be available upon registration.



All classes will be held at Congregation Shaarie Torah Synagogue, 920 NW 25th Ave Portland OR 97210


Registration & Tuition:

Register for the entire year – payment in 3 equal installments – September 1st, October 1st, November 2nd ($290 per installment). $ 830

Register by semester – payment at the beginning of each semester ($290 per semester)

Early bird Registration- if registered before Aug 5- receive a $50 dollar discount

Last date of registration – August 15th, 2015


*registration covers all supplies.

*Tuition includes cost of books and light gluten –free snacks

*Minimum of 7 participants will be required for the each semester to open


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can my older child join the class? As a pilot class, it is offered only to children ages 5-7 in September. Hopefully, with the success of this pilot class, we will be able to offer the class to older children in the near future.
  2. Can I pay as we go?

Tuition can be paid in one of two ways:

  1. Register for the entire year (3 semesters) – payment in 3 installments paid at the beginning of the year ($230 per installment, $690 for the entire year).
  2. Register by semester – payment at the beginning of each semester ($260 per semester, $780 for 3 semesters)

*$40 registration and supplies fee will be collected during registration. This fee will apply regardless of how long the child is registered. The fee will be refunded in the case that a class does not open due to lack of enrollment.

*Tuition includes cost of books and all other expenses during the school year

  1. In case a semester does not open due to lack of registration (below 7 participants) will I get my money back? If you have paid for the entire year in advance, 100% of the money of the relevant semester that did not open will be refunded.
  2. What is the cancellation policy? In cases where a student has registered for the entire year and wishes to cancel one (or more) of the semesters, before it has begun, the semester tuition ($230) will be refunded, minus a 15% cancellation fee.

No tuition will be refunded for a semester that is in session.

  1. Do I need to belong to Congregation Shaarie Torah synagogue? The class is open to all Hebrew speaking children living in the Portland area.
  2. What is the level of affiliation with Congregation Shaarie Torah? The program will be hosted by the educational program of Congregation Shaarie Torah. No other affiliation is required with the congregation. Families are welcome to join the holiday celebrations held by the Congregation if they wish to (children of the program can participate at no extra charge).
  3. Is it religious program? The content of the class will be based on building communication skills, both verbal and written, in Hebrew in accordance with Pedagogy appropriates activities. Israeli culture and holidays will be celebrated throughout the year.
  4. Who are the teachers? Led by the vision of Israeli native Congregation Shaarie Torah Education Director, Dorice Horenstein, the teachers selected for this position will be qualified native Hebrew speaking teachers, who emphasize, strengthen, and encourage excellence in language acquisition through appropriate learning modalities.
  5. Can I stay in the building and wait for my child? Yes, a room will be provided for parents while their children are in class. Parents will be requested to keep the room clean and in order, as they found it.
  6. Do you offer child care to younger siblings? Parents are welcome to sit with younger siblings in the additional waiting room that will be provided during classes. The waiting room will include books in Hebrew, games and toys.
  7. What is needed of me, as a parent? Parents are encouraged to work with their children on homework and projects that will be assigned to the children during the week. Also, parents are welcome to contribute in planning, refreshments, food, etc. during the yearly class celebrations (Hanukkah, Purim).


Additional questions please contact:

Dorice Horenstein

Education and Program Director

Congregation Shaarie Torah



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