The Carl Preschool at Shaarie Torah
A Coopertive Preschool

FullSizeRenderA play-based preschool open to all, where the focus is providing a warm, fun and creative environment for your child to laugh, learn, grow and explore.

Milt and Cissi (z”l) Carl founded our school at the Shaarie Torah synagogue to serve the Jewish community with a quality co-operative preschool. Their belief was that a cooperative preschool would allow parents to be included in their child’s first school experience while incorporating Jewish values and teachings within the children’s play.  The Carl prepares children for kindergarten while providing a background in Judaic history and holidays. Children form the Carl come from a wide range of Jewish households, from families who are very observant to families with Jewish roots who are just reconnecting to their Judaism for the first time.  We also have many children from various other religious backgrounds, which we welcome and this brings a wonderful diversity to our school.

The Carl Preschool Philosophy

We learn more in our first 5 years than in any other period of our lives. We at The Carl believe that children must be provided with…

* Love
* Acceptance
* and Patience.

Children are encouraged and challenged to be creative, question the world around them, make choices, problem solve and get lost in fantasy.

The Judaic Aspect

We have a Jewish curriculum that is interwoven in day to day activities. We celebrate the Jewish holidays with diversity, talk about other beliefs and celebrations, while learning basic skills for Jewish living such as blessings, mitzvah and tzdakah. Children come from a wide range of Jewish households and from various other religious backgrounds, which we welcome and brings a wonderful diversity to our school.  We are non-discriminating and are inclusive of families from other faiths and beliefs.

Why Choose A Co-op?

Families choose a cooperative because they want to be involved in their child’s early education, a time when they benefit immensely from your participation. Many benefits of a co-op include learning new strategies to bring out the best in both you and your child, while working side-by-side with our other participating members and teachers.  The children are free to touch, smell, manipulate, build, break and try again.

What is the Teaching Style?

The teachers at The Carl focus on respect, cooperation, practical and logical consequences and listening skills. The children experience free-play, baking, crafts and daily outdoor time (rain or shine). The children are encouraged to communicate and explore ideas through different approaches.

Our Teacher ~ Morah Elizabeth Fleishman

Elizabeth Fleishman

Our Teacher Morah Elizabeth, grew up in the Portland Jewish Community.  Morah Elizabeth first watched her mother’s involvement in developing early childhood education at the Jewish Community Center and then chose preschool education as her own path while attending Portland State University.

Morah Elizabeth has been an early childhood educator for over thirty years.  She loves to be involved in supporting children exploring their world and learning through creative play, art and movement.  Morah Elizabeth cherishes the diverse backgrounds of her students and celebrates that diversity by helping the children learn from each other.  She enjoys teaching children Jewish values such as caring for others and our community, inclusion, thoughtful problem solving and respect for all.

For more information about the preschool visit our website and also see the facebook page!