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Congregation Shaarie Torah Presents:
Portland Jewish Explorers:
Jewish learning for the curious and adventurous family (grades K-5*)
Each month on Sundays from September 2017 through May 2018
10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

What happens when you bring together Jewish learning with fun and inspiring activities? When you turn religious school inside out by starting with engaging experiences and discover the Jewish values within?  Portland Jewish Explorers!

Join Congregation Shaarie Torah for a new approach to Jewish education for children in grades K-5* and their parents.  Once per month, talented local experts will join Education Director, Dorice Horenstein and Rabbi Joshua Rose in bringing creativity and fun together with Jewish inspiration. We will meet at unique locations around Portland that will guide that session’s fun and Jewish exploration.

Our philosophy to Jewish learning is that children are inspired to connect their Judaism to the broader world when they are in fun and exciting educational environments. In addition, when parents are part of the fun they can support their kids’ learning.  Portland Jewish Explorers will give children and parents access to engaging Jewish ideas, a connection to Judaism, and a chance to meet new friends.

*Portland Jewish Explorers is NOW open to families with kids kindergarten-fifth grade. PJE is a once a month exploration outside of our synagogue walls. There are two PJE events during the year that are only for 3-5th graders (December and February). For all the other sessions, parents and all students will be engaged in learning with professional staff. Please call or email Dorice Horenstein if you have questions at education@shaarietorah.org, 503.226.6131. Hope to see you at PJE – we have a wonderful year of events ahead of us.

How to Become an Explorer

We hope you’ll join us on our adventure to the meeting place of fun and Jewish connection. For more information about the program please contact Dorice Horenstein at 503.226.6131 x 242; education@shaarietorah.org

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Where We Will Explore

Oct 22- Noah’s zoo, visiting the Oregon Zoo

Find our way through the Portland Zoo using clues from Noah’s story.  Create our own Noah’s book. Which animals were in Noah’s ark?  How are sea and land animals connected to our Jewish story?

Dec 17- At the Rose Schnitzer manor

Join us as we perform the Mitzvah of V’hadarta pnai zaken (honoring our elders).

January 28- The stories of our ancestries

join us at the Chart house for a morning full of stories.

March 18: Sunshine Pantry

Let’s make the world a better place one can at a time! Join us to give forward our blessings. Care for the poor is one major mitzvah in Judaism. Join us to bring it to Life.

April 15- Good Deeds Day

Doing good all around!

Contact Information

Congregation Shaarie Torah
920 NW 25th Avenue, Portland, OR 97210
Education Director, Dorice Horenstein
503.226.6131 x 106; education@shaarietorah.org

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