Shabbat Fusion at the EJC

Friday, January, 07, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Eastside Jewish Commons

2420 NE Sandy Blvd

*1st Friday of the month at 6:30 pm* BYO dinner if you want to stay and schmooze.
Breathe. Reflect. Meditate. Sing. Feel. Experience prayer with Rabbi Gary Ezra Oren.
We will be sitting in the round with chairs with adequate distance between chairs. The address for the Eastside Jewish Commons is 2420 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR 97232
Shabbat Fusion will unlock the mysterious gates of prayers and allow you to experience Jewish prayer in a way you never thought possible.
Fusion is a term popularized in the culinary world indicating cuisine which combines elements of different traditions into something new and wonderful. The goal of Shabbat Fusion is to merge a number of different approaches to prayer: the intimate setting of “prayer-in-the-round,” traditional Jewish liturgy, contemporary English translations and readings, and soulful, meditative melodies.
There are many Jews who feel alienated from prayer, in particular Jewish prayer. For some, prayer has become a foreign enterprise devoid of meaning. For others, the obstacles of language, choreography and melody have become too great to overcome. [We have attempted to overcome the great obstacle of language by including English transliterations for all the prayers.] Whether one speaks to the God beyond us or to the God within us, prayer can be a powerful vehicle for articulating our greatest reflections, aspirations, and dreams for ourselves and the world.
Shaarie Torah’s Rabbi Oren in collaboration with the Eastside Jewish Commons.
COVID PROTOCOLS: **All attendees eligible to be vaccinated must be fully vaccinated**
ALL ATTENDEES must wear a mask at all times unless eating or drinking.