The Ma’asim Tovim (Good Works) committee’s vision is to engage and inspire Shaarie Torah members to create a community of tzedakah, giving, and lending a hand. It seeks to respond to the concerns that are important to our congregants, such as hunger, homelessness and income inequality.

Ma’asim Tovim’s focus has multiple facets.  First, every month, we will have a food/personal toiletries drive, highlighting one of the two or three agencies we plan to work with. Look for a shopping cart in the lobby–it’s there to remind everyone to bring something when they come to the shul. It will be exciting to see the shopping cart fill up each month! Next, we will be identifying and planning two or three projects or activities through out the year, such as, Mitzvah Morning, Pink Shabbat, Blood Drives, etc…

Finally, we want to add information to the mix, to allow our members deeper learning on social issues that are important for Shaarie Torah. This may include speakers, workshops and service projects. Each activity will be filtered through a lens that reflects the Shaarie Torah vision, the potential impact on communities to be served, and Maimonides’ Seven Levels of Tzedakah.