Thanks for your interest in the Koach Program!

Registration is now closed. If you want more information or have questions, please call our office: (503)226-6131

A little about the Koach Program

B’nai Mitzvah is not only for the 13 year old – you can be an adult and still do it! Join Rabbi Rose, Cantor Vitells, Eleyna Fugman, and other guest teachers, as we chart the path to greater learning.

The Koach program is a two year program with 4 components:

    • Hebrew decoding & Jewish Gems
    • Learning prayer and chanting Torah
    • Understanding prayer
    • Understanding Jewish community and our place in it as adult Jewish learners.

Program began formally on November 5th, 2017 (but all are required to join Rabbi Rose’s classes in October) and will culminate on May 2019 during the Shavuot service.

Cost for the 2 year program is a total of $750 for members and $975 for nonmembers. If you have concerns about aspects of the program, costs, etc. please call our office (503)226-6131 or email

Program Requirements:

1. Attendance of 5 Friday night services and 10 Saturday morning services per year.

2. Payment : $750 members and $975 for nonmember. $300 is due on October 15, 2017 and the remaining balance is due on May 30, 2018

3. Attendance of Time, Space, and Soul Class with Rabbi Rose as indicated on schedule.

4. Attendance of the classes noted on the schedule, and no less than 85% attendance in classes.

5. A student may enroll in the program without attending the Hebrew decoding sessions and pay $650 member fee ($875 for a nonmember).

      *$300 due on October 15, 2017 and remaining balance is due on May 30, 2018

6. A Friday night private dinner for the cohort and their families. All details TBA

7. A Havdalah experience for the cohort and their families. All details TBA.