Project Zug with Rabbi Rose


In partnership with Machon Hadar in NYC. Through group learning with Rabbi Rose and then ongoing study in pairs, we will delve into a ten-week study of “How to Question Authority” 10 week course; $36-$180 sliding scale. To sign up to participate, please click here.


Group sessions meet in the Bride’s Room at CST. 

  • Sunday, January 12, 9:30 am
  • Sunday, January 26 at 12pm
  • Sunday, February 9 at 9:30 am
  • Sunday, February 23 at 9:30 am.

To register for the “How to Question Authority” course please click here.


Course Title: How to Question Authority

Course Description: Is there a right way to question authority? Should I speak out on every issue or choose my battles? What role should shame and humiliation play? When can I leverage power-dynamics, and when should I just keep quiet? In this 10-session course we will explore Jewish stories where our ancestors pushed back on the authority of their government and society, of their own Jewish leadership and even of God.


For this 10-week course we request a donation on a sliding rate of $36-$180 to support the cost of partnering with Hadar. If the fee is a barrier, please let us know.

ZUG is the Hebrew word for study partner (in Aramaic we say Chavruta). Partnered learning is the traditional way to study Jewish texts. Over a 6-week arc, participants will explore a 10-part course using text materials and online resources through CST’s connection to Project Zug. 


Rabbi Rose will lead sessions at the shul to introduce each new unit in the course. We will study both in large-group and with our study partners those days. The remaining sessions of each unit are for you and your zug (study partner) to arrange on your own time and in your preferred method, whether face-to-face or via technology.


If you have a zug (study partner) in mind you can request to be partnered with them. If not, we will match you up with a zug based on your answers to a short questionnaire. It is recommended that your zug not be your spouse/partner.


You don’t have to live near your zug (study partner) to enjoy studying with them. The Sunday sessions will be at shul, and the two in-between sessions can happen in person or over the internet. Of course you will need video-conferencing capabilities (Skype or FaceTime) for that, but you can also choose to meet face-to-face to study.


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