A new year, a new tradition! Have you always wanted to pitch in and help around Sukkot but found your schedule and the shul’s didn’t align? This year there are FOUR chances to be part of the Sukkah experience:


Ages 18+ | Thursday, October 10th at 6:00 pm

We need 3-5 volunteers to pull the Sukkah pieces out of the Matzah Room and arrange them in the social hall in preparation for the Build.


Ages 18+ | Sunday, October 13th | starting at 9:15 am

Volunteers are needed for a good ol’ fashioned Sukkah raising. Bring your drill to make the process go faster. Bagels and nosh provided, plus you’ll get to flex your muscles when the schach (branches) start flying up to the roof. Bonus points for the new year: show up at 8:30 a.m. for minyan then stay for the build!


For all ages but especially fun for kids | Sunday, October 13th | Starting at 11:30 am

Families, young adults, grandparents and children are needed to decorate the sukkah! Hang fruits and veggies, string lights or create new masterpieces at the arts and crafts tables: each component makes our Sukkah the nicest in town. Bagels and nosh provided.


Ages 18+ (WNS parents especially welcome!) | Wednesday, October 23 at 6:00 pm

All good things must come to an end. A crew of volunteers is needed to take the Sukkah apart and store it back in the Matzah Room for another year.

Please look at your calendar and see which of these Mitzvah Moments will work with your schedule. Call the office to RSVP for one or all.



Sunday, October 13 | Candle lighting: 6:09 pm | Erev Sukkot (No Evening Services)

Morning Minyan | 8:30 am | Chapel

Build the Sukkah & Brunch | 9:30 am | Parking Lot & Social Hall

Decorate the Sukkah | 11:30 am | All Families Welcome

Monday, October 14 | Candle lighting: 7:09 pm

Sukkot Services Day 1 | 9:15 am | Chapel

Tuesday, October 15

Sukkot Services Day 2 | 9:15 am | Chapel

Sukkot Shabbat

Saturday, October 19 | Havdalah: 7:02 pm

Services & Volunteer Appreciation Kiddush lunch | 9:15 am | Sanctuary

Hoshanah Raba

Sunday, October 20 | Candle lighting: 5:58 pm | Erev Sh’mini Atzeret (No Evening Service)

Hoshanah Raba Services | 9:15 am | Chapel

Sh’mini Atzeret

Monday, October 21 | Candle lighting: 6:59 pm 

Sh’mini Atzeret Services & Yizkor | 9:15 am | Sanctuary

Erev Simchat Torah Services | 7:30 pm | Sanctuary

Simchat torah

Tuesday, October 22 | Havdalah: 6:58 pm

Simchat Torah Services | 9:15 am | Chapel