Middle/High (Grades 6-12): Wednesday Night School

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Our Wednesday Night School offers social and educational opportunities for teenagers eager to:

* strengthen their Jewish knowledge and identity;

* deepen their understanding of the Jewish traditions (including preparation for Bar and Bat Mitzvah);

* learn what Jewish teaching has to say about contemporary issues;

* engage in acts of tikkun olam by helping out in the community with various organizations; and

* have fun and meet other Jewish kids!

The Wednesday Night School program is developed by teenagers for teenagers. Topics of discussion often focus on issues of importance to our teen congregants: gossip, peer pressure, bullying, sexuality, modesty, alcohol and drugs, etc. Wednesday Night School periodically meets at local non-profits serving people in need, in support of our community-wide goal of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and sometimes engage with youth from other synagogues in city-wide Jewish teen events and gatherings (including Israeli dancing)!

One special feature of our Wednesday Night program is that we begin each class by gathering over a homemade meal to connect, relax, nourish and share with one another. So parents, it’s one less thing you have to worry about, at least on Wednesdays!

As students prepare for their bar and bat mitzvah ceremonies they come to learn the full scope of Jewish living and gain an awareness about the importance of marking time in holy ways. Learning Hebrew deepens the world of prayer for our students by bringing them an understanding about the meaning of the prayers. Hebrew knowledge serves as a connection to the sacred texts of our tradition and Jews around the world. In every grade students will be exposed to the basic tenets of Judaism, each year going into more complex understanding of those tenets.


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