The Passover Seder

Passover Seder– the table is set with white table cloth. On top, our table is filled with beautiful dishes, wine glasses, matzo plate, individual seder plates for each participant. I can literally smell the matza and the hard boiled eggs in the air!  And as we sit down, one of the very first songs we do, is the order of the Seder. Seder means order in Hebrew. When I finally sit down, I feel that my life is in complete order!  My house is clean, my dishes are made, Bob and I have worked our way through the Haggadah and are ready to be the leaders for the evening. Now our guests have joined us. We are ready for a beautiful experience.  Making sure that the experience and the goals are clear to everyone around the table, we begin with “the order.”  What comes first? What comes after? What comes last? What is in each part?  It reminds me of a parenting lesson I internalized many years ago–make the expectation clear, tell your kids what we do and when, so they are not going to ask “did we arrive yet?”  So, if you want to avoid the ultimate question (wrapped in somewhat winey tone) “Can we eat now?” Sing this song several places during the seder– Everyone will know where you are and what is coming next!  Enjoy!