The Ten Plagues

This recording is a sweet one! Yaniv at 6 years old I believe, singing the Ten plagues!  I was overcome with so much emotions that my voice cracked when it came time to do my part. The constant pride that our children give us!! Listen, join us in our singing and enjoy!

10 plages– A fun tidbit!  In our home we do it two times!! Yep, one time is not enough. Why? Because we do it the Ashkenazic way and then the Sephardic way, as our family is a wonderful blend of the two! Allow me to describe to you each way!  The first way– as we chant the 10 plages we dip our finger (or knife) into the wine glass and take a drop of wine when each plague uttered. In other words, we take away joy symbolized by the wine as even though the Egyptian were our enemy, they still are human being that God created.  The second way– We spread table clothes over the entire table and then we sing the 10 plagues. Why, you ask? So the plagues will not enter into our food, silly! That’s why!  A fun tradition I invite you to include in your Seder Celebration.