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we put together a list of resources that we hope can be of assistance during this challenging time.

Jewish Family and Child Service can assist in a variety of ways, including with tenant protection during the current crisis.
Jewish Federation of Greater Portland continues to serve as a centralized portal for individuals and groups severely impacted by COVID-19. Donations can be made to their COVID-19 relief fund through their website.

CST Staff “Best Picks” for how to keep busy during quarantine. This week Leslie Petcher shares how she’s spending part of her days: playing Mah Jongg online!

Have you been missing your weekly Mah Jongg games with friends? It may be awhile until we all feel safe to gather again to enjoy a favorite past time. I thought I would share what my friends and I are doing to fill the Mah Jongg void.

We “get together” on a Zoom call (free to sign up and anyone can do it) so we can chat away and see each other. We all registered for online Mah Jongg at: Real Mah Jongg

You can choose the card you are playing with – 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020 – and the pace at which you play. Hint: slow is still pretty fast. Once you all register, exchange player names so you can locate each other. Select your game option (looking for players or not looking for players). We are four players so we fill a table on our own. One player will Start a New Game selecting the “Not looking for players” game option.

The other 3 people will search for the player’s name who started the game and can join the group. Once all players are in, you should all see each other at the table. The getting set up and finding each other can be a bit tricky, but once you do it a time or two you will find it much easier! The game will walk you through the Charleston. And then play as usual.

It is worth noting:

1.The game play follows the National Mah Jongg League rules EXCATLY!

2. It won’t always let you call on a tile you want (not sure why). Often it’s because you are actually playing a concealed hand and forgot

3.Occasionally the game will drop you out. Just log back in, find your table and continue

4. If your screen freezes, refresh your screen. That circle shaped arrow at the top near your search bar is a refresh button, don’t afraid to use it!

5. Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!!

6. Celebrate wins and enjoy! This won’t last forever

Morning Minyan will be live on Zoom: Sunday, Monday, Thursdays, 8:00 am
Click the link to join our Zoom:

Saturday Morning Services: To watch our live streamed services every Saturday with Rabbi Rose and Cantor Vitells in our Chapel, click here.

Zoom Gali Gali Shabbat with Rabbi Rose
Fridays @ 6:00 pm 

At the end of our weeks cooped up at home, we’re all in need of some Sabbath peace. Let’s gather online on Fridays at 6:00 pm – parents, kids and grandparents – and get ready to welcome in Shabbat together. Rabbi Rose will read a story and share some blessings, plus we’ll say Shema and spend a few moments just checking in and saying hello to each other. It will be wonderful to get to all see your faces!

Zoom link to join:

Click here for online Jewish & Hebrew resources we put together for families. Questions? For more information about our education programs, contact Jude by emailing her at

If you would like to download prayerbooks so you can participate in any of our services, the Rabbinical Assembly is generously providing the PDF’s of them. We ask that you please honor their requests of not distributing them, that you only print up to three copies for personal use, and that they are only used during this unique time.
Click here to go to the download page.

The books you will want to get are:

  • Siddur Sim Shalom Shacharit Weekdays
  • Siddur Lev Shalom Shabbat Morning
Every other Monday at Noon
Gates of Light: A New-Old Approach to Torah and Kabbalah
Jewish mysticism helps us understand the Torah, the world, and ourselves. Delve into the core teachings of the majestic Kabbalistic tradition. Red bracelets aren’t going to do it – dig deep into the texts and into ourselves. Join Rabbi Joshua Rose for a look into the book Sha’arei Orah – Gates of Light.  In partnership with the MJCC.
Fridays at Noon (weekly)
A Lunchtime Taste of Torah
Rabbi Rose will lead a discussion about the Weekly Torah Portion. Get a bit of inspiration and deepen your understanding of the Torah and its commentaries. 
Zoom Link to join:
Thursday, May 7, 7:00 pm 
At The Border: A Discussion About Children in Detention Centers
What’s The Big Idea Speaker Series
Rabbi Rose in conversation with W. Warren H. Binford, Professor of Law and Director of the Clinical Law Program at Willamette University.

Updates & Concerns

Facebook and email are the best method for quick information. We will do our best to update our website, so please check this page for new information. If you are not on our weekly email list, and would like to be, click here.

If you have any concerns or need our assistance, please reach out to Jemi, our Executive Director at, or try our office at (503) 226-613`1. We will do our best to continue answering the office phones. 

please note

  • Morning Minyan is meeting on zoom every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.
  • All Religious School and Wednesday Night School classes are cancelled. Please check back for virtual classes coming soon.
  • Virtual Torah Study will be held on Zoom. 
  • Saturday Morning and Friday Night Shabbat Services are cancelled. We are working on ways to stream these services. Please check back for more information.
  • All other programming including Passover Seder, Tot Shabbat & Torah Yoga (for March and April), Men’s Club Poker Tournament, etc. are cancelled.
  • Please check with a chairperson to see if virtual meetings are happening. Otherwise all committee meetings are currently suspended.
  • We have expanded our Chesed offerings and are reaching out to members through phone calls, to offer support during this uncertain time. 
Now it is more important than ever that we stay connected. Members of the kehillah are making calls, checking in on each other, offering to help as needed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Rabbi Rose is available for pastoral care and conversations: or contact Jemi, our Executive Director at, We deeply appreciate any support you can give in this time. To donate to our operations, please click here. To make a tribute donation, in honor or in memory of a loved one, click here. As always we are grateful you are part of our community and are working to do our best to serve you in this new and unknown time. We hope we will be together again soon.

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