K-12th Youth Education Programs at Shaarie Torah

Shaarie Torah strives to foster in each child the ability and desire to live a Jewish life, a commitment to tikkun olam (repairing the world), and a sense of joy in experiencing all that our heritage has to offer.

Through youth-focused programming which aims to instill Jewish identity in every child, our children are learning our rituals and values in accordance with traditional Judaism through a contemporary lens. Engaging both parents and children, we seek to increase knowledge of our sacred texts and traditions, while teaching their relevance in today’s world.

We are currently reorganizing our Youth Education program to reflect a hybrid learning model, utilizing virtual and limited in-person instruction. Given the unpredictability in this age of COVID-19, this direction may shift to on-line learning entirely. We will continue to update the information on this page.

Elementary School (K-5)

For the coming school year we have selected the Shalom Learning curriculum, a nationally recognized educational program that presents Jewish learning in an innovative manner, blending the traditional with the modern and new: https://www.shalomlearning.org/. Classes in Judaic studies and Hebrew will be held twice weekly and will be taught alternately by trained faculty, Dr. Pollin and Rabbi Rose.

Middle/High School (6-10)

Building upon the relaxed atmosphere from Wednesday Night School in recent years, Dr. Pollin is crafting a curriculum focused on today’s topics with an emphasis on social justice and racial injustice. Sessions will be guided by relatable instructor who connects with the teens/tweens, piquing their interest and expanding their understanding of our role in the wider world.

Sharon Pollin, Ed.D

Sharon Pollin is an experienced and highly skilled educator whose educational philosophy places learners at the center. She believes that students learn best, and the community thrives when school, families, and community join together. Dr. Pollin has earned a B.A. in elementary education, M.S. in educational supervision and administration, studied Jewish text at Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, and possesses Doctoral Certification in Jewish Education Leadership, and earned her Doctorate in Education Leadership. Dr. Pollin successfully led the revitalization of the Jewish Community Day School in New Orleans, where she most recently served as Head of School.

Dr. Pollin is a collaborative and reflective educator whose work is consistently informed by best practice. She has a deep love of Judaism and for Congregation Shaarie Torah, and is devoted to ensuring a warm, joyful learning experience for all. Sharon believes the current circumstances provide an opportunity to reimagine what a vital, meaningful, engaging 21st-century Jewish education can be, and is excited to be a part of the shul’s visioning work to ensure its future. She is delighted to come home to Shaarie Torah.

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