Hanukkah Events 2021
8 Nights, 8 Actions

Join us for every night of Hanukkah on zoom plus a fun and joyous Hanukkah party & Havdalah on December 4! We’ll be lighting our menorahs and bringing in the light amidst the darkness. All ages and everyone welcome. Click on a link below to register for that night. We’re also sharing lots of fun games, music, recipes and more that you can enjoy with your family this year. 

About the 8 Hanukkah Actions

Hanukkah – what’s not to love? And, what if our connection and love grew even more. Congregation Shaarie Torah wants to take Hanukkah to the next level. So, we decided to create lists of actions that could be performed on each night in addition the lighting of the candles and singing songs. We hope you will consider adopting some (or all) of these activities to help make your Hanukkah even better.

Hanukkah Party & Havdalah | Sat, Dec 4, 5:15 pm | zoom

Come join us for fun and celebration! Light your menorah, celebrate Havdalah, and discover the light in the darkness with Shaarie Torah this Hanukkah. Your presence makes all the difference to us and reminds us of the strength and resilience of our great Jewish community.

Dreidel Song Challenge
We’ve all heard the traditional lyrics – and gotten them stuck in our brain for days – but why must we stop with clay? There are lots of a fun and creative ways to dress up the basic Dreidel song. This year we're challenging YOU to write your own verse(s) of the Dreidel song and be prepared to share them live on zoom ("oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of _____ ... ")

*Havdalah and Menorah Lighting*
*Wear your best silly sweater to show it off*
*Your Dreidel song verses*
*Hanukkah Trivia and Quizzes*
*Show off your Latkes*
and so much more!

Hanukkah Lighting: 1st - 5th Nights | Nov 28 - Dec 2, 5:30 pm

Join different Shaarie Torah Members and Guests each night for a fun community lighting on zoom!
Sun, Nov 28, 5:30 pm: Anne LeVant Prahl
Mon. Nov 29, 5:30 pm: Sisterhood
Tues. Nov 30, 5:30 pm: Rabbi Oren & JFCS' Tikvah Adults with Disabilities Group
Wed. Dec. 1, 5:30 pm: Sara Staggs & family plus Natan Meir & Avinoam
Thurs. Dec. 2, 5:30 pm: Sara & Rob Sturtz

Hanukkah Lighting & Shabbat: 6th Night | Fri. Dec 3, *4:00 pm*

We'll join together on zoom for Shabbat & Menorah Lighting at 4:00 pm (lighting at 4:10) with Rabbi Oren & friends. Afterwards, we hope you'll join Rabbi Oren for Shabbat Fusion (Service & BYO Dinner) at 6:30 pm over at the EJC.

Hanukkah Lighting: 8th Night | Sun. Dec 5, 5:30 pm | Zoom

Raphi Rosenblatt, David Morgenstern & Simon

Gift Shop Hanukkah Goodies | Stop by during office hours

Our Diane Nemer Gift Shop has all your Hanukkah needs ready for you. Grab gifts for friends and family, and send them wherever your loved ones may be! You can call our office to make an appointment during office hours: Mondays-Thursdays | 10 am – 3 pm. Masks must be worn at all times in our building and gift shop.

8 Actions to take with your family this Hanukkah


  • The oil miracle:  Making resources last
    The oil miracle: Making resources last

    According to the Hanukkah story, a small amount of oil lasted eight days, a miracle. Talk about ways we can make sure we are doing our part to ensure that our world’s limited resources last? Think about ways in which your family can “go green.” Check out the resources below for tools and ideas.


  • Read & Donate Children's Books
    Read & Donate Children's Books

    Read a Hanukkah story aloud each night. You may want to check out The Spotted Pony, by Eric A. Kimmel (1992, Holiday House, New York), a wonderful collection of Jewish folk tales to read aloud each night of Hanukkah. Some are funny, some are sad, and all of them appeal to both kids and adults. Also, consider donating children’s books to a local hospital or donate books of all ages to a local homeless shelter. Check out the link below Positive Charge PDX's Compassion is Lit Project.


  • Learn About Poverty
    Learn About Poverty

    Devote one night of Chanukah to learning about the problem of poverty. Donate the value of the gifts (or the gifts themselves) that you would otherwise exchange on that night to organizations that assist the poor. Think about supporting of Rose Haven – a NW Portland neighbor who operates a day shelter for women and children.


  • Talk & Learn about Israel from all sides
    Talk & Learn about Israel from all sides

    Everyone brings a clipping, item or idea about the modern Maccabees and the state of Israel. The clippings could be about both amazing and challenging things that are going on in Israel or about Israel. Let each person present what they brought.


  • Create a Family Tzedakah Plan
    Create a Family Tzedakah Plan

    Talk about how and why you give. You might open all of the tzedakah boxes in the house and count the money. Have every person suggest a cause they believe needs funding and then decide which important causes to send the money to. You might also talk about your annual giving and share why you give where you do. And, you might begin a conversation about planned giving ensuring that your values and priorities continue on in perpetuity.


  • Celebrate & Honor Shabbat
    Celebrate & Honor Shabbat

    Concentrate on enjoying the holiday's more traditional pleasures. Enjoy a great meal, tell stories, and play games. *Remember to light Hanukkah Candles before your Shabbat Candles. *


  • Join the CST Hanukkah Party
    Join the CST Hanukkah Party

    Join us for a fun and lively night of all things Hanukkah! We'll light candles, make havdalah, sing songs, spin dreidels, eat latkes, and wear our favorite silly Hanukkah sweater. Don't forget we'll light the Havdallah Candle before Hanukkah candles!


  • Set Some Goals: A Better Version of You
    Set Some Goals: A Better Version of You

    Think of something you can do to become the best possible version of yourself, and then create a personal improvement goal. Make a copy and place it where you can see it. Take the original piece of paper, place it with/under your hanukkiah (menorah), read it next Hanukkah, and evaluate your progress.

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