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This warm and welcoming Jewish community has been around since 1905 and looks to the future by balancing contemporary and traditional Judaism. We strive to ensure that every voice is heard and that every member is counted. At Shaarie Torah, we offer extensive programming and activities that foster Jewish values of social justice through Torah/Learning, Avodah/Service, and Chesed/Loving Kindness.

Family Oriented &

As members of the Conservative movement, we welcome Jews from across the religious spectrum. As an inclusive, family-oriented synagogue, Shaarie Torah is a great place to grow and learn. We offer Shabbat School & Wednesday Night School, and our social events calendar has something for singles and families at every stage of life.



In the heart of
NW Portland

Our home is always open to the Jewish community, and we welcome you to come and join us for one of our many events. Located in the heart of Northwest Portland, our synagogue is within walking distance of 23rd Ave, the Pearl District, and some of Portland’s most popular stores and restaurants. We look forward to having you join us and welcome you to call our office at 503-226-6131 to set up a time to meet with Rabbi Oren.

Who We Are

A Center

A center of Jewish community, values and learning.

An Enriching institution

An institution for the enrichment of Jewish life.

A Spiritual foundation

A place of spiritual reflection and social action.

who we are

Our Values


To worship in accordance with traditional and contemporary Judaism


To celebrate Jewish events, holidays and life cycle traditions as a community

Community, Culture, Torah

To foster our Jewish community, history, culture, and Torah

Jewish Ethics

To apply Jewish ethics to national affairs in the US and Israel

Congregation Shaarie Torah is an egalitarian community affiliated with the Conservative Jewish movement. We recognize that some people don’t know quite what this means, and we want to make sure you are comfortable and know what to expect so you’ll feel right at home in our synagogue. 

Men are asked to always wear a kippah (yamika); women are also welcome to wear kippot in our building. These can be found at the entrance to our synagogue and at the entrance to our sanctuary.

Anyone who is given an Aliyah (to say the blessing before a Torah reading) is asked to wear a tallit (prayer shawl). These are available in our upstairs lobby.

We observe Shabbat, so during Shabbat please turn off all electronic devices, including cell phones when in our building, to assist us in maintaining traditional Shabbat observance and preserving the calm sanctity of the day. 

Finally, we are a kosher facility, we do not allow any outside food into our building.  If you’ve RSVP’d for one of the meals, we’ll be serving you absolutely delicious, kosher food from our kitchen.  

Make Your Home Here.