youth & family

Our approach is both child-centered and family-centered. We believe in focusing on “the whole family” which supports a young person’s overall growth and development, including the Jewish identity of each child. This is holy work in our eyes.

We care about knowing you, your child, and your family. We strive to create access and entry points for all Jewish family make-ups regardless of previous education and/or experiences.

We look forward to meeting you!

Our youth & family programming and approach
are guided by four core values:


We believe in supporting positive Jewish identity through developmentally appropriate learning that is joyful at its core – and therefore fun!


We believe in cultivating kindness and practicing being our best selves in a world full of division and isolation. Jewish wisdom offers tools and practices to cultivate these traits, called middot, or soul-traits.


We believe in creating authentic relationships and a sense of belonging for our youth and their families, building connections with the greater Shaarie Torah community as well as the greater Portland metro community.


We believe in providing access to Judaism’s wisdom through exposure, and customizing learning goals based on specific skills/areas of content important to each family. This value helps bring to life our student- and family-centered approach.


* A combination of Holidays, Shabbat, and Sunday mornings *
* Kids ages 0-5 *
* Families together *

Shabbat community

* 7 Shabbat mornings *
* All ages welcome *
* Families together *

holiday community

* 7 Holiday experiences *
* All ages welcome *
* Families together *


* 14 Sunday mornings
7 Shabbat mornings
7 Holiday experiences
2 Communal Service programs
* Kids in grades K-8 *
* Families join at times *
"While studying kavod (honor)
I noticed that I was trying to be
more kind to my sibling."
Mae Cutler, 8th Grade
mensch community student

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(503) 226-6131