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The Congregation Shaarie Torah Sisterhood was established as the B’Noth Auxiliary in 1918 and has been the backbone of the synagogue through the generations, much like a mother is the backbone of her family.

10_Hamantashen-ladiesOver the decades, Sisterhood has hosted luncheons, fashion shows, card parties, book reviews and speakers as well as blood drives. The original Silver Tea, held right after Yom Kippur, kicked off the year by the passing of the pushka box to raise funds for the year’s projects.

Today, Sisterhood still oversees the kosher kitchen, Social Hall rentals, and encourages and maintains standards for family events and programming, provides scholarships for kids for camp and school, and enjoys social and community activities.

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Sisterhood also runs the Diane Nemer Sisterhood Gift Shop which is named for its beloved and longtime organizer. Founded over sixty years ago with one donated display case, the Gift Shop’s purpose was to fund the Sunday School (this is still true today, where 100% of its proceeds go directly to the Etz Chaim Religious School). This was the first shop in the city to stock Judaica items where people could shop directly instead of the Rabbi having to order items like yarmulkes and ketubahs.

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In the 1950s, Sisterhood also began its most famous fundraiser, the baking of hamentashen, and in its first year sold 100 dozen. In the warm, noisy kitchen, experienced cooks teach the novices how to roll dough, shape balls of fruit, knip, egg wash, bake, and pack. In 2009, Sisterhood sold nearly 3,000 dozen and ships them all over the world.

Recently, Sisterhood has continued on a growth curve, welcomed new members, created communication tools and timelines, expanded activities as well as roles and functions within the Shul, and multiplied Gift Shop offerings. In our recent down economy, Sisterhood has still managed to increase contributions, continued to sponsor kiddushes, Wednesday night school kosher dinners, and numerous educational activities, as well as building maintenance repairs and upgrades. To top it all off, we recently introduced a new flavor of Hamentaschen! Shaarie Torah Sisterhood is welcoming new members. Membership dues are $25.00 for the year.

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