Welcome from Rabbi Rose

There are many paths of entry into Shaarie (Gates of) Torah, to discover and engage your core Judaism. We welcome you, new or newly activated, in through any of these seven gates that resonate most strongly with you. We hope you will engage with us through one or many of these pathways.

  • We seek insight from the spiritual heritage of the Jewish people and make its values real in lives informed by Torah and mitzvah.
  • No matter where a person finds themselves in their familiarity with Jewish practice or teaching, our community will be a gateway to deeper engagement with the tradition.
  • The Torah and the Jewish tradition guides us in asking fundamental questions about the meaning and purpose of our lives and our personal and communal Jewish responsibilities.
  • We are taught that one of the great principles of the Torah is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Grounded in the belief that each person is created b’tzelem elokim, in the image of God, we strive to grow a community where people are treated with respect, dignity and love.
  • Jewish teaching and practice can remind us to discover joy in our lives – and our Jewish practice can
    be shaped by our joyful attitude. With an appreciation of the rich musical Jewish tradition, in celebrating together with food and drink on Shabbat and holy days, and in our approach to finding new approaches to Jewish tradition, we give life to the mitzvah of living our lives with joy.
  • We cultivate and foster the spirit of innovation and creativity, aware that in each generation courageous Jewish leaders and communities have found new approaches to Jewish teaching and new expressions of Jewish life.
  • What happens in our world helps determine what questions we ask of our tradition. The Torah inspires us to act in the world – in our synagogue community, in our local community and beyond – informed by its values of responsibility, compassion and justice.

We are grateful that you are considering Congregation Shaarie Torah. If there is some way that I can be a part of your deliberation, or can aid you in finding a place here, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the office.

Rabbi Joshua Rose / / (503) 226-6131 ext. 101

Our office is currently closed to visitors. Questions? Give us a call or send us an email. We currently have limited office hours but leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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