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Directions for Online Portal 

Congregation Shaarie Torah offers 3 options for payment:

1. ACH withdrawal from your bank account (recommended method, new)

2. Credit card

3. Check

New Online Member and Payment Portal

Our new online member portal will give you access to billing and payment options, enable you to make or schedule payments, and will speed up payment processing. It also will enable you to manage and update your member information. In the coming months, the online portal is also expected to have a member directory, school registration, donations, event enrollment, and more.

You Need to Receive the “Welcome Email” to Log In

To use the new online portal and access your member account, you must receive a Welcome Email with directions to log into your account. If we have your email address, expect to receive your Welcome Email within a day or two (titled “Welcome to Congregation Shaarie Torah’s Online Member Access!” from DoNotReply@chaverweb.net). If you do not receive this email, please contact us to make sure we have your email address; contact Ilana at communication@shaarietorah.org or call Linda at the front desk, at 503-226-6131. Your Welcome Email should follow within 1 to 2 business days, thereafter.

Logging into the Online Payment Portal

To log in, click the Sign-in link in the Welcome Email. We recommend that you copy and paste the Temporary Password from the Welcome Email into the log-in screen rather than retype it. Follow the steps to create your personalized password. Please note that if you have a family membership, you and your spouse/partner will both receive Welcome Emails but you will have only one password for a family membership; whoever logs in first will create that password. Either email address can be used, but you must share a password for a family membership.

Once You Are Logged In

Once you are logged in, please follow these steps to register and make or schedule a payment:

1. Several buttons will show on the screen. Please select whichever you would like to register for or edit.

2. Answer the questions in the registration form or follow prompts on page. If you are filling out a registration form, you also may opt to pay by check or select “send me the bill” – although our aim is to move to the online, paperless system.

3. Once you are done and have clicked the Sign Up button, you will receive a confirmation email.

Please also select Manage Profile to add and update information.

If you have questions, please contact Ilana at 503-226-6131 ext. 103 ormailto:communication@shaarietorah.org.