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Join us for learning and celebration to welcome Rabbi Oren to the Shaarie Torah puplit.
friday, october 29 & saturday, october 30

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This year, 5782, the Shaarie Torah community will embark on a year-long journey of kindness, seeing if we can do over 18,000 regular acts of kindness (RAK) in our community and in our daily life.

We’re asking you and your family (and any of your friends you want to pass this along to), to try doing a few kind acts every month and letting us know what you do, by filling out our 1 minute survey when you do an Act of Kindness. We’re hoping to reach our goal of 18,000 by Rosh Hashanah 5783 and you can help us get there! 

Warm. Welcoming. Family-Oriented.

In the heart of NW Portland.

This warm and welcoming Jewish community has been around since 1905, and looks to the future by balancing contemporary and traditional Judaism. We strive to ensure that every voice is heard and that every member is counted At Shaarie Torah, we offer extensive programming and activities that work to foster Jewish values of social justice through: Torah/Learning, Avodah/Service and Chesed/Loving Kindness.

A member of the Conservative movement, we welcome Jews from across the religious spectrum. As an inclusive, family-oriented synagogue, Shaarie Torah is a great place to grow and learn. We offer Shabbat School & Wednesday Night School, and our social events calendar has something for singles and families at every stage of life.


Join Rabbi Oren and others for Torah Study, discussions, in-depth learning, and so much more. 

Minyan & Services

Morning Minyan and Saturday Services in person and online, every week. Check out our offerings for communal prayer.

Class & Services Archive

Have you missed any programs or classes? Get caught up on our YouTube video archive. 

Always Here For You.

Our kehilah is always open to the Jewish community, and we welcome you to come and join us for one of our many events in person or online. Join us for regular morning minyan, weekly services, Adult Education classes, family and youth activities, and even craft nights. Our building is located in the heart of Northwest Portland, and our synagogue is within walking distance of 23rd Ave, the Pearl District, and some of Portland’s most popular stores and restaurants. We look forward to having you join us in person for Saturday Services or always streaming online. Our Rabbi is always available for a meeting or conversation, and we welcome you to call our office at 503.226.6131 and set that up. Our Judaica gift shop is currently open by appointment only. 


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in person or online at 9:15 am

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We're here to support you in whatever place you are in.

We know there are many reasons why our members join and we are here for all of them. If you feel at home at Shaarie Torah, online or in person, we know you belong here. It takes just a few steps to become a member. 

"Learning with Rabbi and friends regularly on zoom has really made this online time more engaging and fun. The discussions always leave me with much to think about."

Community Member

"I have received regular check-in calls from other members during quarantine and it has helped so much during this time on my own. I am so grateful to my community at Shaarie Torah."

CST Member

"We were all blown away by the warmth and vibrancy of the community."

High Holy Day Guest

the people behind the shul

get to know us

Shaarie Torah is a vibrant community that relies on the dedication and support of our staff, board, and our many volunteers.

Office hours: 10am – 2pm on Mon, Wed, & Thurs by appointment only at this time.
You can always call us and leave a message or send general questions to info@shaarietorah.org

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