Donate to the Yom Kippur Appeal

Yom Kippur Appeal 5781

This essential fundraising campaign helps us fill the gap between membership dues and the full cost of running our shul and all that it offers to each member. Appeal contributions support every aspect of the community we build and maintain together.  Through the generosity of anonymous donors, a giving incentive opportunity has been presented: all new donations by those who did not give last year will be matched up to $15,000. This means if you didn’t give in the 5780 appeal you have the chance this year to have your pledge doubled. Please consider your gift to help the shul.

Thank You to Our 5781 Donors

(updated October 8, 2020)

Miriam Agisim
In memory of Gary Agisim, Rita Freedman, and Barry Zeltzer
Judith Alberton
In honor of my children & grandchildren
In memory of my husband Laurence Alberton
The Angel Family
In memory of Harold Angel
David & Naomi Balto
In honor of “the blessings of the welcome we received from Shaarie Torah and its members, and especially Jemi over the past 2 months of our visiting.”
Leslie & Peter Beard
Karla & Barry Benson
Mimi Berlin
Phillip & Rosalyn Bloom
Jan & Craig Berne
In memory of Mel Wasserman
Keith & Rosalie Berne
In memory of our fathers Frank Berne and Shimon Gillman
Lee Berne 
In honor of my wonderful family
Lynn Bonner
In honor of Anne LeVant Prahl
Ora Botwinick & Bruce Goldberg
Eric Brown
In honor of Matthew Cassetta
Sally & Len Burda
In memory of our parents
In honor of Reuben & Sheryl Burda
Charles & Irene Cancilla
In memory of Sylvia & Al Katz
Sheryl Chomak
Frieda Gass Cohen
In honor of my family
Lynne & Mitch Cohen
In honor of our grandchildren, Sofia, Lillian, Eloise, and Wally
Bobbie & Phil Cohen
In honor of our children & granddaughter
Melissa Cohen
Bill & Rosalind Cooper and Family
In honor of our family
Carol Danish
Edy Dorsen
In memory of Dr. Michael Dorsen
Barbie, Mike, & Gary Enkelis
Reva & Jack Falk
Nila Friedberg
Harvey Frankle & Jackie Pelner-Frankle
In memory of Leah Franke, and Esther Pelner
Allison, Brad, and Lauren Fowler
Judy & Ian Freeman
Larry & Deborah Friedman
Nancy Fruchtengarten
Morris Galen
In memory of Evelyn Galen and William P. Galen
Howard Gandler
In memory of Jake, Imajoy, and Leah Gandler
Dolly Goldberg
Casie & Matthew Goldman
In memory of our loved ones
Alix & Tom Goodman
Joel & Maura Greenblum and Family
In memory of Murray Greenblum
Haley Greenstein
In memory of Rachel Greenstein
Megan Harned
Shirley Harris
In memory of Melvin Harris, Steven Harris, Rose Carl, Leon Carl, Louis Carl
Charlene Director & Barbara Director Hasson
In memory of Morris & Rebecca Director
Karen Fletcher & Stanley Held
In memory of Esther Stillman
Yafit & Tamir Heyman
Andrea Hirte
Cliff & Julie Hockley
Judy Hoffman
In memory of my dear husband Bill Hoffman, and my dear son Marvin Hoffman
Melissa & Daron Horwitz
Rebecca & Aiden Hunt
David & Jane Hytowitz
Mike Imlah
Marje Jacobson
In honor of my three sons, Irwin, David, and Steven
Susan & Norman Kaplon
In memory of Rae B. Kaplon
Brenda Katz & Richard Hurwitz
Sue Hickey & Shelly Klapper
Anna & Eric Kodesch
Priscilla & Tony Kostiner
Steph Kotkins
Brooke Krawetz
Andrea Kreiner
In memory of Irving & Beatrice Kreiner
Lowell Lebenzon
Gretchen & Michael Leopold
Leah & Neil Lefkowitz
Paulina Leperi
Shari Levinson & Marshal Spector
In honor of Frieda Cohen
Victor Levy
Naomi Liberman
Wendy & Howard Liebreich
Derek & Lydia Lipman
In memory of Sally Levin
Anna & Peter Lyman
Jemi & Greg Mansfield
Ralph & Alice Markewitz
Natan Meir
In honor of the Kedem family; Shoshana, Andrew, Gavriel, and Hadar
Allison Mudrick
In memory of Larry Mudrick
Joanna & James Nelson
In memory of Andrea Andi Sherwin
Barry Newman
In memory of Miriam & Sheldon Newman
Jerry & Dora Newman
In memory of our loved ones
Michael & Gloria Borg Olds
Kara Orvieto
Leonard & Geri Pearlman
In memory of Milton & Martha Olshen, and George & Evelyn Pearlman
Sue Perkel
In memory of my parents, Zanley & Sylvia Perkel
In honor of Jemi Kostiner Mansfield
Leslie & Daniel Petcher
In memory of my mother, Phyllis Petcher
Anne LeVant Prahl
Leonard Rann
Daniela Samoil & Michael Rappaport
In honor of Rabbi Rose & Cantor Vitells
Rachel Rettman
In honor of Fern Winkler Schlesinger
Annette Demsey & Erik Richmond
Chirona & Ethan Risom
Laurie & Bert Rogoway
Channah & Rabbi Joshua Rose
Judy & Norman Rosenbloom
Stan & Madelle Rosenfeld
In memory of Jack & Fannie Rosenfeld, and Louis & Vivian Rotenberg
David & Carmel Ross
In memory of Jack Cohen
Rivka Ross & David Goldstein
Kyle & Becky Rotenberg
In memory of Irving & Rose Rotenberg
Stan & Pam Rotenberg
In honor of Caden Williams Bat Mitzvah
Kuntheary & Michael Runstein
Victoria Russell
In memory of Benjamin Russell
Faye Gordon Samuels
In memory of the Samuels and Gordon family loved ones
Fern M. Winkler Schlesinger
In memory of Jack Winker, Margie Winkler, Velma Winkler Almo
Linda Schnitzer
In memory of Bessie Schnitzer
Barbara & Jack Schwartz
Shaarie Torah Men’s Club
Shaarie Torah Sisterhood
Roz & Mylen Shenker
In honor of our family
Craig & Susan Siegel
Terri Simon
In honor of Rabbi Rose & Cantor Vitells for “an inspirational Yom Kippur during these strange times.”
Jonathan Singer
Linda & Gary Singer
In memory of Denny Singer
Bernice Skoro
In memory of Jack & Margie Winkler, and Velma Winkler Almo
Donalee Small
In honor of the United States of America
Robert Solgan
Thelma Solomon
Tyler & Sara Staggs
In memory of David & Yvonne Reisman
David A. Stern
Helen Stern
Tom Stern
Charlene & Mickey Stokamer
In memory of our parents
Sara & Rob Sturtz
Ellen Teicher
In memory of George, Fannie, and Leslie Gottesman
Avi Tevet
Charlotte & Isaac Tevet
In honor of our grandchildren; Sofia, Sam, Joe, and Lilly
Julia Toub In memory of Mel Toub
Diana & Cantor Aaron Vitells
In honor of Rabbi Joshua Rose
In memory of Rabbi Yonah Geller
Fuf Vollmayer
Philip Lewis Walters
In honor of Rabbi Joshua Rose
Naomi & Bernard Warmflash
Fran & Ira Warren
Ron Subotnick & Barbara Weiland
In honor of our children & grandchildren
Claire Westerman
Donna Winker
In honor of Norma Morrison Wolff
In memory of Albert E. Wolff
Susan & Bruce Winthrop
Phyllis Zawel
In memory of Jack Geller, Gussie Geller Bockman, Jerry Frager, and Michael Zawel
Jay & Diane Zidell

Ways to Support Our Shul throughout the year

Your support helps Shaarie Torah continue to offer various programs throughout the year for our community.

Tribute donation

Consider making a tribute donation in honor of a special occasion or in memory of a loved one. Choose from a list of funds including the General Fund, Building Fund, Cemetery Fund, Library Fund, Kiddush Fund and more. Please contact the office if you don’t see the fund you are looking for.

cst priorities

In addition to tribute donations we appreciate any support for Shaarie Torah’s priorities: Security, Youth Education and/or General Operations.

Our office is currently closed to visitors. Questions? Give us a call or send us an email. We currently have limited office hours but leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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