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Reflecting and Pausing

Manny Tiebloom’s passing made me press the pause button and think…and reflect on a verse from the book of Psalms 90:12   למנות ימינו כן הודע ונבא לבב חכמה   we read  למנות ימינו “teach us to count our days rightly so that we may obtain a wise … Read More

The Passover Seder

Passover Seder– the table is set with white table cloth. On top, our table is filled with beautiful dishes, wine glasses, matzo plate, individual seder plates for each participant. I can literally smell the matza and the hard boiled eggs … Read More

The Ten Plagues

This recording is a sweet one! Yaniv at 6 years old I believe, singing the Ten plagues!  I was overcome with so much emotions that my voice cracked when it came time to do my part. The constant pride that … Read More

Ma Nishtana

We all sing the ma nishtana at our Seder.  The youngest one in the crowd stands (in our home he stands on a chair!) and sings what they have been practicing for weeks! The 4 questions are part of the magid section of the haggadah is the … Read More