Davening Sing-A-Long with Rabbi Oren & our Davening Consultant Noam Field-Meyer Gould

May 4, 2024

1st Shabbat of the month following Kiddush lunch in our Chapel, approx. 1:00 pm:
December 2, 2023, Jan 6, 2024, February 3, April 6, May 4, June 8

Gathering for those who wish to sing soulful Jewish music with the opportunity to join our meshorerim (sacred singers).


Love to sing or drum? We are forming a group of volunteer musicians and vocalists who will gather to sing sacred Jewish music along with the rabbi and our davening leaders.  We are having an open call for congregants and community members whose souls are lifted through joining voices and making sacred music.  Non-professional singers are welcomed and encouraged. Interested? Let Linda know by emailing her at cst@shaarietorah.org.

Get to know Noam: 

Hello! I am Noam Fields-Meyer Gould (he/him/his), and I’m thrilled to be joining CST as Davening Consultant for a year of rich communal singing. I consider Portland to be my second hometown––my parents were both born and raised here, and I come here multiple times a year to be with my extended family––so I’m especially excited to deepen my ties to this wonderful area. I’m a graduate of Emory University and a current PhD candidate at UC Santa Barbara, where I study and teach music theory. I’m a pianist, singer, and composer/arranger, and my favorite music has always been Jewish music (I particularly love the liturgical music of the high holidays, Rosh Hodesh, and Pesach). When I’m not making, teaching, or researching music, I love to cook, ferment, run, and spend time with my partner Kelly. We live in Santa Barbara, California with our dog Kaldi and our cats, Arnie and Oslo. I look forward to meeting you in December!

Congregation Shaarie Torah
920 NW 25th Avenue
Portland, OR 97210
United States

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